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Gardening is a hobby that continues to grow, especially in cities. There are many things that need to be considered in gardening, but this time I will tell you only 11 and of course, there are many others. The mention of such things does not show that gardening is difficult and complicated but in the context of sharing and motivating it.

1. Do not rush to expect maximum results.

harvesting of strawberries

When we go to gardening, don’t imagine the harvest results like the one in the seedling packaging picture, or like the one in the supermarket. The products in the pictures, seed packs or supermarkets are sorted and taken which are fine.

Some of us are beginners and amateurs in gardening, with limited resources and maintenance, of course, we can only try. If it can be harvested, we should be happy and don’t be too disappointed even though the results are minimal.

2. Plant plants that are easy to grow.

As a hobby, there is nothing wrong with us growing plants that are difficult to handle, and that is an exciting challenge even if it fails. But for beginners, of course, this can lead to frustration, breakup dreams, and broken hearts.

The success of planting will inspire enthusiasm to try gardening with other crops. Among the plants that are easy to grow are kale and spinach.

3. Plant suitable plants in our area.

There is nothing wrong with planting anything, after all, this is a hobby, but don’t let us be disappointed if our plants are not as big as those in the market or cannot be harvested. Because there are plants that are only suitable in the low or middle lands and highlands.

There are also plants that are suitable for subtropical places but not suitable for tropical places. On the contrary.

4. Plant plants that we consume a lot of.

Suppose we like and often consume tomatoes, so try growing tomatoes so that the tomatoes we consume are the yields of our gardens.

Besides being able to save money on shopping, we also accept tomatoes that are more organic and natural. Because the application of pesticides by farmers often does not use the recommended dosage, the important thing is that the pests are destroyed and the crops are smooth so that the yields are abundant.

5. Plant plants that are difficult for us to get.

Some types of plants are difficult for us to find, for example, they only exist in the modern market, even though we love and need these plants.

There is nothing wrong with planting our own plants in our gardens, such as plants from abroad such as mint, oregano, basil, beetroot, and local plants such as winged bean, and basil

But even then it is still relative, maybe in one particular area it is difficult to get it but in other places, it is even easier to get

6. Our failures are not futile.

When we experience crop failure. So actually our efforts are not in vain. Our plants are eaten by pests, caterpillars, or even neighboring goats or even taken by small children or thieves, so let it go, think of it as alms to fellow creatures of God. It’s our attitude towards things that have passed.

But of course, for things to come, we have to be even more preventive in protecting our plants. Likewise, our plants that wither will certainly die and rot into compost and be useful for subsequent crops.

7. Learn surrender to Allah

Tawakkal has become a rare item in this era. Most people rely more on their position, occupation, diploma, and knowledge they have. When the determinant of success is Allah.

By gardening, you can learn to put your trust in Allah. When we have struggled or even bothered to enjoy gardening, with various kinds of care and special treatment for our plants, then finally we leave it to Allah.

It could be a plant with a fertile day, fruit that is ripe and ripe in the afternoon, or a flower that begins to bloom in the afternoon, Allah does not take care of it, and is allowed to be damaged so that in the morning we are dumbfounded, and hit our palms on the forehead and are among those who regret.

For those who do surrender to Allah, therefore, what happens to their plants has been submitted to Allah. So he is grateful if he can harvest and be patient if the harvest fails.

8. The harvest is the climax.

The more activity there is a peak which is marked by the effect of satisfaction and happiness for the perpetrators. And the pinnacle of gardening is harvesting crops like that. Therefore, the good results of the crops that are harvested are the higher the peak of happiness that we walk.

Therefore climb to reach the highest peak (climax) with a variety of creations, creative discoveries, and variety in gardening.

9. Eating your own hand is better.

Work is best done with one’s own hands. One of the lessons is that the process is clear. We are busy planting the plants, the implementation is clear, starting from cultivating the land, sowing seeds, planting, caring for until harvesting. So that when we are about to eat it, of course, we already know clearly its quality and halalness.

In contrast to other businesses, the way it works is some are lawful, some are syubhat and some are haram because of fraud and tyranny to others.

10. Healthy activities.

Gardening activities, such as cultivating the soil, lifting pots, pulling grass, lifting water when watering, sunbathing a little, of course, make our physical health healthy. burn our fat. And move all the members of our bodies.

11. Learn new things.

In gardening, we have a lot to learn things that we don’t know. We also need to try some trials even though the results may be detrimental. But actually, these losses can be paid off with knowledge and experience that we might not get unless we try to dare to take the risk of loss. You will become even more powerful if you learn how to grow various crops, such as growing watercress, rice, corn, beans, and others.

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